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Thereís Lots to Do this Winter in your Garden

Weíre quite unsure where the assumption came from, that the colder season means that thereís less to do in the garden. Granted, the days might be smaller and your work quite a lot chillier, but we find that thereís certainly something to do in our garden. What about yours? Whether youíve got a large or small garden with features such as ponds, fountains, a nice greenhouse or anything else at all, thereís always something to do. So, weíve assembled a small list for those that might feel quite at a loss this time of year. Now that the days are shorter and the nights longer, thereís even less time to complete your tasks, but itíll all be worth it for a glorious garden in the spring!

First and foremost, itís imperative to check that your winter protection structures are still in place. North Wales was hit quite hard by the aftermath of Storm Angus last week, and we experienced heavy winds and quite a lot of rain. Storm Angusí effect was noted in England and Scotland as well, so most likely weíre all picking up things which have been strewn all over. Our selection of lifetime outdoor storage solutions will certainly help you prevent the inevitable next time.

Checking that your greenhouse heaters are working as well is imperative. Our heavy duty greenhouse staging and folding staging for greenhouses are certainly capable of taking a fair bit of the chill, but your plants arenít. Donít allow your careful planning and hard work to be wasted!

While indeed itís been cold, weíre lucky enough with the fact that the conditions havenít been truly glacial yet. Itís wise to take action against oncoming cold snaps well in advance by insulating outdoor taps and taking appropriate measures to stop your ponds from freezing.

Open-grown apples and pears can also be pruned, though we recommend not doing so for those grown against walls. For inside the house, we recommend reducing the watering of your houseplants. December might be dull and dreary, but itís a productive month at least!
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