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Late Summer And Autumn In Your Garden

Late Summer And Autumn In Your Garden

While it usually signals the end of the summer, September is one of our favourite months. Generally cooler, gustier, and with days significantly shorter than August, there isnít really so much to do for those that only keep ornamental gardens within September. Never fear though, thereís still so much to do. September affords a perfect time to upgrade or get in brand-new folding Greenhouse staging, garden furniture, and so much more. After all, in September, the weatherís still fine enough to get things done, before October, November and December.

September is the optimal time to clear out your greenhouse as well, to prevent nasty pests from making a winter home. You surely donít want them spending the winter in your nice, warm greenhouse Ė these uninvited guests will only leap into action next spring. As youíre cleaning out your greenhouse, why not invest in some new staging? Locally made in North Wales, we have a variety of hand-made stagings, whether youíre looking for ultra-handy folding staging, or completely durable heavy duty Hercules staging. We can offer competitive rates, and you have the peace of mind that your purchase is made in the UK and built to last. You donít even need to treat your staging from us Ė weíve dipped it in protective solution, to ensure quality.

Perhaps you donít have a greenhouse? If so, no doubt youíre already pottering around your garden, wondering how and when youíre going to tidy it up before the oncoming winter. We think nothingís worse than looking out into a barren garden thatís strewn all over with bygone reminders of summer within the winter months, and thankfully, we can help with that. We offer a variety of handsome storage solutions for your garden, each boasting a lifetime guarantee which ensures they can take whatever the upcoming winter has to throw at them and keep everything inside perfect for next Spring and Summer.

In addition to our extensive range of high-quality greenhouse staging and storage solutions, we hand-assemble a range of stunning garden furniture you wonít find at chain gardening stores and garden centres. Built to endure and last, our garden furniture includes but is not limited to tables, chairs, garden arbours, parasol bases, and so very much more.

Donít believe for a second that the oncoming Autumn means that the work in the garden is done, for thereís still so very much to do!

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