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Increase the odds of having a special guest in your garden!

Hedgehogs are very much a national treasure, and as the skies are getting darker and the weather getting chillier, lots of us are checking underneath absolutely everything within our gardens to see if we’re lucky, and whether a little hedgehog has decided to spend the winter within.

Absolutely and entirely adorable, these little creatures also promote a healthy garden by eating pests including slugs and snails, as well as bothersome beetles and all kinds of garden pests – all without harming anything desirable within. It’s well known throughout our media that these lovely little creatures are in serious trouble. Did you know that hedgehogs are disappearing from the countryside as fast as tigers are disappearing worldwide? In the past 10 years, hedgehog numbers have fallen by 30% and there are less than a million left within the UK.

This time of year is perfect for hedgehogs – with lots of leaves falling from the trees, which allows them cover for the winter season. However – a cluttered garden can lead to confusion for hedgehogs, and in this time of year, why not clear unwanted things from summer away to allow them free roam of your outdoor space?

We have a variety of fantastic, lifetime guaranteed storage solutions for your garden, or if you’re planning on doing some work to utilise the storage within your greenhouse to grand effect, we offer a variety of staging for greenhouses as well as heavy duty greenhouse staging which will enable you to make the most of your garden and provide some much needed shelter toward these beautiful little animals.

Log and leaf piles, as well as wilderness areas and purpose built hedgehog homes will increase your chances of having a special little visitor in order to brighten your days throughout the darker weather. Plus, you have the added draw of young in the spring ensuring that your garden stays pest free!

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