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Garden Furniture: 5 Tips to Make it Last the Winter

As with most things left outside, garden furniture sure can get battered when itís left out in the cold, unforgiving months of winter. What used to look fresh and brand new can soon look decidedly Victorian once the grey clouds come out so itís necessary to look at steps to prevent wear and tear.

For those who want to save time and money on forking out for new items, here are 5 tips for maintaining the garden furniture you already have.

5. Keep an eye on it
It might seem obvious but plenty of us stay strictly indoors during winter which means that our garden can go unattended and deteriorate. Even though it might not be the most fun you can have, venturing out in the cold to check on your furniture and garden in general should be something to add to the to do list.

4. Check for cracks
These can often go unnoticed in garden furniture as itís not something you really look out for but itís something which can get far worse if you donít. If a small crack isnít filled with something like sap resin in wooden furniture, the bad weather is likely to only make it bigger and therefore more of a hazard.

3. Know what youíre cleaning
A polish for wooden furniture will not be suitable for a plastic chair and vice versa, so donít make a simple mistake and end up causing some damage. If youíre unsure, do some research and hopefully youíll find that the gloss or paint youíre applying is just the right one to keep your furniture protected all throughout winter.

2. Cover where necessary
Items like heavy duty waterproof covers do pretty much what they say on the tin and are lifesavers when it comes to protecting your garden furniture. They simply go over your bench or your chair and protect it from the long-term effects of rotting when itís not being used throughout winter. Take the cover off when the sun comes out of its hiding place and it should be in perfect condition.

1. Lay it on thick
No doubt gardeners always hear of the "next big thingĒ in garden care all the time but there actually are special glosses and polishes out there that can protect your furniture throughout the winter months. They block out dirt and donít show the effects of bad weather which means that theyíll still be in great condition.
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