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Fantastic Offers for the Garden This Spring and Summer

Given the fact that the Springtime Equinox is complete, and the clocks have gone forward toward the end of March (where has the time gone!) it’s time to look forward to brighter mornings and evenings and look toward getting the garden ready for an excellent season of summer parties for you and your loved ones.

There’s a lot of garden furniture manufacturers online, but not many who guarantee unique products which are built of extremely high quality. We’re pleased to announce that our newsletter for 2017’s Spring Season has been released, and with it is a ton of product suggestions which can give you a fantastic garden with all the features and the comfort you will ever need for long, lazy summer afternoons with friends and family.

For work on the garden, our greenhouse staging can offer you absolute quality and practicality. They’re tough enough to endure and last for years upon years in addition. When you buy heavy duty greenhouse staging from us, you can be pleased with the knowledge that it’s all been treated as it was manufactured, making it absolutely maintenance free – so you can focus more on your greenhouse and less on your stagings!

If our heavy duty greenhouse staging feels perhaps a little excessive for your needs, you’ll be relieved to know that we also offer very high quality folding greenhouse staging. All of these stagings come in a vast variety of different sizes and can be used either as potting benches or as worktables as you work – and fold away nicely and neatly when you’re finished. Our folding greenhouse staging, alike our heavy duty greenhouse staging is also handmade in Wales, and treated as it is constructed, so you’re free to assemble and go – with very little frustrations.

Because our stagings are made in Wales, we can offer you custom greenhouse staging, manufactured to fit the dimensions you provide. If you’ve an unorthodox greenhouse (or just simply want to maximise your space) just let us know and we’ll be more than happy to manufacture something to your ideal size and shape.

Furthermore, being based within the UK allows us to offer absolutely free and speedy 2-3 days delivery to your door to most parts of the UK.

We’re confident that our webshop is the manner that makes most sense to outfit your garden – and should you wish to purchase one of our fantastic pieces of furniture or even some of our stagings, you’re more than welcome to make your purchase in a number of ways – either our website, or via telephone.

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