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Bring On Spring!

Christmas and the New Year has come and gone, you canít be blamed if you feel perhaps a little downhearted. After all, any amount of dark mornings and cold nights are tolerable with the thought of Christmas coming up, and with Christmas removed from the pictureÖ It almost feels a bit saddening to be left with bad weather and nothing to look forward to.

That is, if youíre not a gardener. We green-thumbed have got something else to look forward to- and thatís the oncoming spring! We canít wait to see the mornings get lighter, the weather to get a little less chilly and of course, we canít wait to see snowdrops and daffodils start to sprout. We think the sight of plants emerging dispels a lot of the doom and gloom that the start of the year brings!

Youíll be happy to know that we can offer you a variety of excellent products to help usher in the oncoming spring and make the most of it when it does happen. For example, we have an excellent array of greenhouse staging which weíre certain will make all of your work a breeze.  

Our staging is manufactured from within our workshop which is situated within the UK, and no matter the dimensions of your greenhouse, we can see you right with a variety of heavy duty staging, wooden staging, and folding greenhouse staging as you require.

Our staging can stand against the test of time, and we can proudly say that as part of the manufacturing process, we treat each and every staging we create. Furthermore, it comes assembled, so you can get started immediately by simply unfolding the staging, pushing the leg braces into the (predrilled) holes, and sliding your second shelf into position.

As most of us are looking at tidying up our greenhouses for the oncoming spring, youíll be pleased to know that our stagings can also be folded back up at any point, giving you the space you need to spruce things up without any fuss or hassle. 
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