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The history of the Adirondack chairs

The history of the Adirondack chairsThe history of the Adirondack chair begins in the Town of Westport, in the Adirondack region. Thomas Lee felt a desire to create a chair that could handle the rugged terrain of the Adirondacks. This chair would have to be sturdy, balanced, and comfortable on everything from sandy ground to a small hill. Eventually, Lee came up with what he considered the perfect chair: wide armrests, a high back, and a slanted seat(the seat and back were made from single pieces of wood). Soon after Lee finalized the design of his Westport chair, he met up with his hunting friend. Harry Bunnell, who owned a carpentry shop in the town. Bunnell later patented the design and developed a very successful business. The Westport chair grew in popularity because of its durability and high comfort level, but as the years passed, the design began to change into the modern Adirondack chair. Both the Westport chair and the newer Adirondack chair feature extra-wide armrests, high backs, and slanted seats. However, the seat and back of the Adirondack chair are made out of multiple slats of wood lined up; the Westport chair was built from whole pieces of wood cut from a single, knot-free plank, which made the design harder to construct.The history of the Adirondack chairs.
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