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Why choose an Adirondack Chair?

Why choose an Adirondack Chair?

Adirondack chairs are a great choice for your new outdoor garden furniture; they have perfected the balance between usefulness and comfort, and this makes them the ideal design for patio furniture. The unique style of outdoor chair is popular with a lot of people across the world.

Here are just a few reasons why we think you should invest in an Adirondack chair for your garden.

Adirondack Chairs are Comfortable

One of the reasons Adirondack chairs have gained so much popularity is because they are comfortable. People can spend extended periods of time sitting in them without feeling achy. The reason for this is the angle of the seat and backrest. A good quality Adirondack chair is able to spread your weight evenly throughout your upper legs and back as you lean back at an angle. It is much more comfortable than sitting upright, which puts all your weight on your rear end and lower spine. The comfort gained from an Adirondack chair canít be ignored!

Adirondack Chairs are Versatile

If you are looking to invest some money into buying some high-quality outdoor furniture, youíll want to choose a style which compliments your lifestyle - something that youíll get the most use and enjoyment out of. Besides the Adirondack chair, there are three common styles of outdoor furniture - lounge chairs, dining sets and benches. So, thinking about what you are going to use the furniture for is important. An Adirondack chair is ideal if you want a comfortable place to lounge in, read books, enjoy nature, watch the sunrise or sunset, or even enjoy some light meals.

Adirondack Chairs have a Useful Design

Quite possibly the most all-around useful style of outdoor furniture available on the market. They have extra wide armrests which can be used for so many different purposes; you can enjoy a single plate meal in the comfort of your own back garden with your armrest acting as a handy mini table. How about enjoying a nice cup of coffee in the morning whilst relaxing in your chair?

Vibrant Colours

Here at Greenhouse Staging, we stock Adirondack Chairs made from 100% recycled plastic, so you are doing your bit for the planet and getting some beautiful furniture at the same time! They are easy to keep clean, maintain and to move around. They come in a wide range of vibrant colours, so youíll find something to suit your tastes.

So, if you want to spruce up your garden furniture just in time for the summer, browse our Adirondack Chairs, or get in touch today to find out more.
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