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5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Greenhouse

5 Ways to Make the Most of Your Greenhouse

For anyone interested in growing, or maybe those who are just dipping a toe into the world of gardening, a greenhouse is a very valuable asset. Have a read through these handy tips that will help to make your greenhouse successful whether you’re a seasoned pro or beginner.

Control the Humidity

Most plants prefer a humid environment so a humid greenhouse can be a very successful one. So increasing the humidity within the greenhouse can help to promote a nurturing greenhouse environment. By placing marble or stone chips on the floor underneath your plant benches you will be helping to keep your greenhouse humid – on dry days you can dampen them with water, and as the water evaporates over the course of the day it increases the humidity levels within the greenhouse.

Cover Up Your Plants

By covering some of your more heat-sensitive plants at night, you can help to prevent those plants from dying off in the cold. Covering them with a fleece style material helps to keep the temperature of the plants up to 2 degrees higher than without the fleece. Bubble wrap is a brilliant alternative to fleece.

Water Plants in the Evening

On those hot summer days, you might be under the misconception that it would be a good idea to water your plants continually throughout the day. Whilst people need to drink lots of water on hot and sunny days in order to keep functioning, plants, however, don’t quite work in the same way. By watering them during the day, you are giving your plants access to water that is going to evaporate before it has a chance to ‘drink its fill’, by watering in the evening, this gives the plants the chance to absorb as much water as possible, eliminating wastage.

Lookout for Pesky Pests!

Before you leave your greenhouse each evening, give it a once over and check for slimy trails or other obvious evidence of slugs and snails. These horrible little critters might look slow and unassuming, but they can do some real damage to your plants. There are several methods for dealing with the slimy creatures, the traditional salt method or the shop-bought slug pellets. If you prefer keeping things natural nematodes; naturally occurring micro-organisms often present within the soil can be added to the plant ecosystem.

Clean Greenhouse, Clear Head

If you make the effort to keep your greenhouse in good order you’ll find that spending time in your greenhouse will be more relaxing and enjoyable. Gardening is supposed to be a big stress-reliever, and going into a messy, cluttered greenhouse isn’t going to aid in the relaxation process.  

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