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Gardening Tips For The Weekend


What’s the best thing about a weekend? Gardening, without question. There’s nothing better, we think, than wrapping up warm, getting out into your little space, and making progress. Gardening is quite unlike anything else by the virtue that a series of little jobs can cause fantastic results, and the satisfaction of getting these little jobs done is unlike anything else. A weekend is the perfect opportunity to get them done too – as after a workday it’s usually far too dark and far too cold to get any progress under your belt at all. As soon as you've got everything prepared to get things done, it feels as if you've already run our of time. 

November, contrary to what most people believe, affords a wealth of things to do in the garden, in terms of the greenhouse, the garden, and many more things.

There's a wealth of things to do - such as planting daffodil bulbs, as well as other spring flowering bulbs for gorgeous displays to herald in the spring. Otherwise, hyacinth bulbs do the job just as well – complimenting daffodils quite beautifully, we think. Should you wish for something ethereal and absolutely out of this world, consider purchasing, and planting, a magnolia tree. Magnolia flowers are at their best in the spring, and are an elegant, yet beautiful flower that we’re sure will bring you a lot of joy.

There’s a lot to do in the greenhouse, too. Take a good look at the condition of yourgreenhouse staging. While of course we’re sure that if you have purchased our heavy duty greenhouse staging or our folding greenhouse staging, you won’t be seeing any problems (all of our wooden greenhouse staging is treated, allowing it to stand strong year after year!) but should you be seeing any issues with your greenhouse staging, be sure to get replacements sorted out before spring comes and you’ll find yourself getting busier and busier in there.

You’ll find it to be a good task to insulate your greenhouse with sheets of bubble wrap in November too, before the really cold weather sets in. In bubble wrap forms an extra layer and insulates it pretty well – so you can avoid all of the heat loss you can. Solar lights are also a wonderful idea, allowing you to make the most out of your time to come in the garden.

Don’t forget about maintenance tasks too, you should be looking at cutting down perennial plants, and placing things where it once was in order to take full advantage of your newfound space. Tulips, or any suitable perennials or shrubs could fill in the gaps well.

Things to sow in November are as follows: Aquadulce Claudia (broad bean) Solent Wight (garlic) Globe Artichoke, Oregon Sugar Pod, and Valia-Winter Gem (lettuce) It’s the perfect time for all of these varieties of vegetables, and you’ll also want to get some seedlings going, once your greenhouse is prepared as well.

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