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What to Grow in Winter

The UK really doesn’t have the best in the way of weather. We’ve all grown up with wintry, cold and wet conditions, and these really aren’t the best for plant life. It’s no wonder why greenhouse gardening is as popular as it is – throughout the UK, many of us have utilised the greenhouse in order to grow bigger and better plants and vegetables all year around, from giving seedlings a head start to bringing in much-loved plants over the winter season.

Some of us might wonder how to best utilise a greenhouse in order to get use out of it year around. There’s plenty of winter veggies which you can grow throughout even the coldest months, allowing you to extend the season and reap the rewards – such as Winter Cabbage, Kale and Brussels Sprouts. It’s best to keep in mind that the yield for these crops will certainly be abundant and bountiful – and it pays to have excellent greenhouse staging which is built to take the strain.

Our heavy duty greenhouse staging is a perfect example – the quality is absolutely unparalleled as our stagings are built from start to finish by hand, right here in Wales. Furthermore, we build all greenhouse staging to order – ensuring that you can get a custom made staging which is perfectly suited to your greenhouse, allowing you to maximise the space you have.

Winter Salads are also an excellent options for growing over winter. There’s a lot to choose from, and enough to keep all forms of gardener busy. Common plants which are grown throughout the winter months include lettuce, land cress and mustard.

Salads really don’t have to be relegated to summer only when you have a greenhouse, and accompanied by carrots (the Adelaide variety is best to grow in winter, as it matures quickly and will give an exceptionally early crop) and pak choi (rich in vitamins A, and C, as well as being packed full of calcium and folic acid) we’re more than certain that the yield from your greenhouse throughout Winter will be just as high as throughout the warmer season.    


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