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6' x 30" Heavy Duty Greenhouse Staging

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6' x 30" Heavy Duty Greenhouse Staging
180cm x 75cm = 6' x 30"
This heavy duty staging is 89cm / 35inches in height. Ideal as potting bench or worktable for greenhouses, sheds, garages or outside. The staging is made out of treated Scandinavian timber and has specially been designed to offer superior strength, high capacity and is maintenance free over a long time. No further treatment is needed.
The A-frame and the tiers are delivered pre-assembled. galvanised screws are supplied to complete assembly using the predrilled holes. 
You can also purchase an additional shelf for extra storage (The staging on the picture showing the additional shelf.) If you decide to purchase the extra shelf at the later date, there will be additional charge of £5.

Price for the staging includes the delivery (Exception do apply - please look at our delivery page) 
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