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10 Gardening Tips For You This Winter

Hard to believe it but apparently weíve almost made our way through all four seasons once again. Youíve done well to get past all of the main hazards, invaders and temperature changes but are you well-equipped to get your garden through the winter?

With plenty to consider, here are 10 of our top tips to help ease you and your flora into 2015.

Spring Clean in Autumn
Aside from feeling mighty rebellious, going ahead with a big spring clean before the season even starts will keep you one step ahead. Many bugs decided to set up shop right about now so tidying up your greenhouse stops them in their tracks.

Apply disinfectant liberally, crack open a couple of windows in your greenhouse and get everything looking spick and span whilst you have time in hand.

Take Away Greenhouse Shading
Although shading might way be a necessity when the sun is possibly overpowering for your plants in summer, having it up in the colder seasons can limit your plantís exposure! As soon as the sun creeps back into its hiding place for a few months, be sure to take any shading off of your greenhouse.

Tidy Your Borders
Noticed any dishevelled and slightly excessive growths in your patches, so much so that itís coming over the edge? It could be time to lay it to rest and move on.

If you think that your plants are in the worst position to receive ideal conditions and to also show them off the fullest, it could be the perfect time to move them around. Once youíve tidied, be sure to lay down some compost or manure near your borders.

Reclaim Your Lawn
Just because the constant rain, doom and gloom makes it nearly impossible to mow your lawn, it shouldnít mean that you should coop up indoors and forget about it.

Moss can really build up over the cold seasons so you should attack it before it really starts to make its presence known. Pick yourself up a moss killer and have at it. Donít forget to also run the rake through your lawn and use any offcuts for the compost heap.

Produce Leafmould
There are plenty of things which are supposed to add real volume to your soil, but not many perform as well as leaves. Instead of simply collecting all of your leaves and leaving them to waste in a dump somewhere, be sure to make a leafmould.

You can either allow your leaves to rot and make a fantastic compost or you can cut them up and speed the process up. Be sure to leave them to do their thing over at least two years.

Sort Out Your Compost Bins
Out with the old and in with the new: itís time to get rid of your ancient compost and move onto the new materials which will bring your plants to life.

Plant Plenty of Evergreens
No garden is complete without a collection of evergreens so be sure that yours isnít either.
Where others may wilt and show the effects of challenging conditions, evergreens like Bay and Holly will be going strong all year long. Thanks to the great attributes of the soil at this time of year, you could hardly ask for a better time to plant your marquee flora.

Protect the Weak Plants
Begonias, dahlias and the like might struggle to see the winter through so they might just need your help. Frost is one of the biggest dangers to their continued good health so be sure to (carefully) lift them out of their current placing and put them in something like a tray consisting of dry compost.

Keep your trays in a cool, dry place and then replant them once the sun creeps back out again!

Net Your Ponds
Ponds can be a real pain to maintain: you never know what might be attracted to it. Falling leaves and the like are a hazard for the longevity of your pond as they can build up and cause blockages, potentially harming any of its inhabitants.

To combat this, spread a net across the breadth of your pond and hold it down with bricks on either side.

Donít Just Store and Forget
After slogging away on the final days of summer to get everything in your garden together for the coming months, it can be all too easy to just chuck your tools into storage and forget about them. Bad idea.

Wash any dirt off your most used tools, sharpen secateurs and shears and dry anything that might build up with damp. Thereís no sense in buying all new tools because you didnít take the right steps.
What do you think of our tips? Be sure to reach us on our Facebook and leave a comment!

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